MetaTrader 5 Platform

How much commission must I pay for trading on an MT5 account?

You will pay approximately $7 for every round lot traded. If you wish to know how ECN commissions are calculated, please visit this section.

What spreads can I expect?

Our spreads are variable and change depending on market conditions. Please visit this page to get an idea of what our spreads may be.

How do I log in?

In your MT5 terminal:

1. Click ‘File.’
2. Click ‘Login.’
3. In the new box, enter your credentials. These should have been sent to you by email
4. Also remember to select the correct server assigned to your account

How do I place an order?

There are a few ways of doing this.

1. Press F9
2. Click ‘New Order’ on the toolbar
3. Right click any instrument you wish to trade in the Market Watch panel, then select ‘New Order.’
4. Or simply double-click an instrument in Market Watch
5. Click ‘Tools’ then select ‘New Order.’

How do I place a pending order?

Having used one of the above methods to open the New Order window, simply change the type to ‘Pending’ from ‘Market Execution.’ A drop down menu will then appear where you will be asked to define the parameters of your pending order.

How do I modify/delete a pending order?

Find the trade you wish to delete or modify in the Terminal window (Trade tab) at the bottom of the screen. Access it by double-clicking the trade. A window will pop up where you can delete the order or redefine the parameters of its execution.

My pending order wasn’t executed. Why?

The most common reason for this is that you very likely did not have enough funds to cover the trade when the target price was reached. It could also be because the specified price had not yet been reached and you may have merely ‘jumped the gun.’

How do I manually close an order?

You can do so by double-clicking the order in the Terminal window at the bottom of the page and selecting ‘Close’ or by right clicking the order and closing the order that way. You can also click the ‘X‘ button you will notice to the far right of the order row. Please note that you must have ‘One-click Trading’ enabled to benefit from this feature.

What is my margin level?

The margin is calculated using a very simple formula: Margin=Trade Volume/Account Leverage.
So, if your account was denominated in USD, with a leverage of 200:1, and you wanted to buy one lot your margin would be 100,000/200=500 USD. Our Margin call/Stop Out levels on our Pro accounts are at 100/80.

Where can I find out my balance and trade history?

In the Terminal window at the bottom of your screen. In the ‘Trade’ tab you will see your current balance, equity and free margin level. If you want to see a complete rundown of your trade history, click on the ‘History’ tab. Here you’ll see all your closed and open trades in one handy little list. You can also see the specifics of the trades, including date and time, type, size, instrument, the price at open, take-profit and stop-loss levels, price and time of close, swap fees and profit. However, you may need to right-click on the Terminal window and select ‘Deals’ to see all the information.

Can I export my trade history?

Indeed you can. Simply right-click in the Terminal window and select ‘Report.’ You will then be given the option to generate the report in either Excel or HTML format.

Why can I not modify my order?

If your ‘Modify Order’ button is greyed-out, this may be because you have set the stop loss/take profit levels too close to the current price. It could also mean that you have tried to set these levels on the wrong side of the current price. Please remember that take profit levels must be lower than the current price and stop losses must be set higher.

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