MetaTrader on the MacOS

Does MetaTrader 4/5 work on Mac computers?

The MetaTrader programs are designed to operate on Windows devices. Having said that, there are a few options to run them on Mac computers.

How can I install MetaTrader 4/5 on a Mac computer?

There are a few ways to use MetaTrader 4/5 on a Mac computer:

How do I download and install MetaTrader on my Mac?

To download the Mac version of our MetaTrader programs, please click here

  • Then you must select which version of MetaTrader you’d like to download (MT4 or MT5).
  • Then select the correct operating system (Mac OS) and hit ‘download’

Once you have done so, simply run the program (.dmg file) and follow the onscreen instructions.

Which versions of the MacOS are supported?

  • OS X 10.12 Sierra
  • OS X 10.13 High Sierra
  • OS X 10.14 Mojave

Why do signals not work on Mac versions of MetaTrader?

The Signals tab is unavailable for Mac users because we use a software called Wine to run MetaTrader on the MacOS. This software does not support Internet Explorer, which is the program the Signals service uses.

How do EAs function on a Mac?

In short, not always function as intended. We strongly recommend that you double-check the operational capability of a given EA on Mac. You can do this by visiting the relevant developer’s website.

What to do if you see the ‘File can’t be opened’ mistake?

When running the program, if you come across the mistake ‘File can’t be opened’, as detailed below in the picture, please take the following steps:

‘File can’t be opened’ warning

  1. Go to Finder → Apps → and find /
  2. Hold CTRL and click on the program
  3. In the additional menu, choose ‘Open’
  4. To run the program, press ‘Open’

Only execute the above-listed steps once!

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