Pips+ Loyalty Programme

What is the Pips+ programme?

It’s a 5-Tier programme designed to reduce the costs of our most active traders: the higher your tier, the lower your trading costs (Tier 1 is the highest). You can climb the ladder of the programme by either increasing your 30-day trading volume or investing significant equity.

Am I entitled to this programme?

All of our clients, regardless of account type or trading platform, are automatically enrolled.

How can I reduce my trading costs with Pips+?

There are two ways: you either increase your 30-day trading volume or deposit significant equity. If you’re trading with a Classic account, you receive a rebate on all of your trades; if you’re trading with a Pro account, you’ll pay less commission. Please check the table below for a clearer view of the programme’s structure:


on previous 30 days

on previous 30 days

Classic Variable accounts

Pro & Pro Hedged accounts
Tier 1 $250k equity,
or $100M traded
$20 $15
Tier 2 $100k equity,
or $50M traded
$15 $20
Tier 3 $50k equity,
or $25M traded
$10 $25
Tier 4 $10k equity,
or $10M traded
$5 $30
Tier 5 Default $35
  • Rebate & commission quoted per $1M
  • All quotes are in USD

How do I know which Tier I am currently trading in?

A detailed schematic of our programme levels can be found in your Backoffice user profile. Your level is highlighted in green. Please log in to your Backoffice, go to Profile section and choose Pips+.

How do you calculate the trading volume?

The calculation is AUTOMATICALLY processed by the system for the last 30 days. However, if you meet the volume requirements for an upgrade half way through the month, our servers are updated every day at 2am in the summer and 1am in the winter (server time), so you will be immediately upgraded; you will not have to wait until the end of the 30-day period to benefit from improved trading conditions. Please remember that you do have 30 days to meet the requirements, so don’t feel rushed to make a series of irrational decisions to be upgraded.

Are there any restrictions on Pips+?

Yes, energies, indices, shares and crypto pairs are not covered by the Pips+ programme because they do not incur any commission.

Can I check my current commission or rebate inside MetaTrader?

Yes. Click Trade History, and under the Commission column, you will see either your current commission level or the rebate you’re receiving, depending on your account type.

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