Find your Passwords prior to Windows 10 Update

Announcement from 11/04/2017

We have been informed by MetaTrader, the program makers of MT4 and MT5, that the new Windows 10 Update will change the configuration and encryption keys of MetaTrader programs.

How does this affect you?

Due to the change, you will need to re-enter your account passwords into the MetaTrader program in order to log in after the update. The program will automatically forget previously entered passwords.

It is therefore essential that you locate your trading account passwords and keep them in a safe and accessible place prior to the update.

Furthermore, those traders who have purchased products from within MetaTrader Market will have to re-download the product.

Your Backoffice password will not be affected. If you are unable to locate your trading account passwords, you can always reset them in your Backoffice.

Please note that some older news announcements may now be out of date and not currently accurate.

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