G20 summit and trading risks

Announcement from 06/07/2017

This year’s G20 summit will take place in Hamburg on 7-8 th July.

During the summit, speeches made by major political world leaders could lead to:

  • Extreme volatility in the Forex market on Friday 7th July
  • Spreads widening considerably at the close of market on Friday and at the open on Monday
  • Significant gaps as the market opens on Monday 10th July

We advise caution when trading during the summit and particular care should be taken with open positions.

Here’s a brief summary of the summit’s schedule:

The first part of Friday will be devoted to the global economy and finance and the second part to climate change and energy. The participants will discuss the development of Green Economies and a Directive Agreement on climate change.

Two further sessions scheduled for Saturday include one dedicated to African issues, health and migration; and the second to the digital economy, employment and the strengthening of the role of women in the economy.

Remember that you can keep abreast of the world’s political developments, and their impact on the Forex market, using our handy economic calendar available from within your Backoffice.

Please note that some older news announcements may now be out of date and not currently accurate.

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