Margin Call, Stop Out levels down (Pro accounts)

Announcement from 06/08/2020

Starting Monday, 10th August, we’re reducing the margin call & stop out levels on Pro accounts:

Current levels Starting Monday, 10 August
Margin Call 100% 25%
Stop Out 80% 15%

You will notice that all Pro accounts will now boast the same 25/15 margin call & stop out levels as Classic accounts.

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Explained: Margin Call, Stop Out

Ever noticed a trading position get closed before your order is even triggered?

In most cases, that’s stop out. It’s applied when a losing position eats up most of your equity, so much so that you no longer have enough margin to keep all positions open.

That’s when the least profitable of them begin to be closed automatically (stopped out).

Margin call is a warning letting you know that you’re getting dangerously close to the stop out level.

See calculation example for margin call and stop out.

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