Bonus Terms and Conditions

Bonus general terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT: This is only an example of how the Bonus is rewarded and is not an ongoing promotion. Please note that depending on your account type, the percentage of the deposit bonus may differ. For the purpose of this example, we are going to assume that the size of the bonus is 15%.

1. Only one Bonus will be issued per customer. The Bonus will be applied to every deposit where applicable.
2. The Bonus is equal to 15% of the sum you deposit to your trading account, but the total amount of the Bonus can’t exceed 5 000 USD.
A maximum of USD 10 000 in Bonuses can be rewarded to a client in a one-month period, regardless of the amount they deposit.
3. To withdraw the Bonus from your account you need to meet turnover requirements* first (in amount of turnover units, each unit is equal to $100 000): <Bonus Sum> [USD] / 2 * <Volume Multiplier> = <Number of turnover units>
EXAMPLE: You receive $1 000 bonus. To withdraw the received bonus, you need to make $1 000 / 2 * 1.00 = 500 turnover units (equal to 50 million in terms of turnover**).
4. Once the original deposit is removed (withdrawn or transferred to a different account) completely or partially, the bonus is lost. The profit can be withdrawn without any limitations or restrictions.
EXAMPLE: You fund your trading account with $5 000 and receive a bonus of $750 (15%). Let’s assume that after you receive the bonus, the profit of your closed trades totals $250. According to the conditions of the Bonus, you are not allowed to withdraw more than $250 (your Profit) in order to keep the bonus sum on your account.
5. The Bonus is written off the account once the equity of your account minus the Bonus is less than or equal to the stop out level***.
EXAMPLE: You fund your trading account with $5 000 and receive a bonus of $750 (15%). You open a position, but the price changes against you, thus increasing your loss. Once the equity of your account minus the bonus is less than or equal to the Stop Out level, your bonus will be written off the account, and one or all positions will be closed due to the Stop Out to meet margin requirements.
6. Once a bonus has been added to your trading account, you will have 90 days from this moment – to complete the volume requirements to reflect the change.
7. All bonus and incentive schemes are at the management’s discretion.

* Only closed trades are counted
** Turnover is calculated as the sum of both trade sides (open and close) volumes. If you trade 1 lot USDJPY than turnover is equal to $200 000. (Please visit this section for a detailed explanation of how volume is calculated)
*** Stop out level depends on account type

DISCLAIMER: Bonus is only offered for certain account types, please Contact us to find out if your account qualifies.

How do you calculate the volume necessary to convert my bonus money into real money

We offer a generous deposit bonus plan to our customers when they make a deposit. In order to receive the bonus money, you are required to meet certain volume requirements. The volume is measured in trade size.
There are two parts to every trade. When you Opening a trade, (whether buy or sell) is the first part, closing the trade is the second part. When you buy/sell 1 lot of USD/CHF that’s 100 000 units in terms of volume, and in order to close this trade you will need to sell/buy your 1 lot of USD/CHF. When you open and close out a trade, this is commonly referred to as a round turn or round trip lot. Each round turn lot of the USD/CHF is worth 200 000 units of volume. The volume is adjusted upward or downwards, depending on the size of your trade.

In this USD/CHF example, USD is the base currency here and volume is calculated in USD terms as per market convention. When you are trading other, non USD based currencies e.g. EUR/USD, the
traded volume will need to be converted to USD. Remember, 1 lot of EUR/USD doesn’t equal 100 000 USD, it is equal to 100 000 EUR. For the purpose of this example, we are going to assume the EUR/USD exchange rate being 1.07150. We multiply this by 100 000 and get 107 150. Since there are two sides to each trade, we multiply this by 2 and we get 214 300. That would be our volume in USD terms if we opened and closed a 1 lot EUR/USD trade.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to manually keep track of your trading volume. Our system does that automatically for you. These totals are all done for you in your back office. Check out our video tutorial on where to look up the volume.

*Please contact our support team to find out if your account qualifies for a bonus.

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