Pips+ for MT4 Pro clients

Pips+ for Pro accounts (MT4 & MT5)

As we look to constantly update our services and offer the best trading conditions, we have launched Pips+ to meet those aims.

In a nutshell, our Pips+ programme is a way for our most active traders to reduce their trading costs. The programme consists of five tiers and all our Pro clients are automatically enrolled.

The object of the programme is for traders to work their way up the tiers to the upper echelons of our service; as they do so the trading commission they pay decreases. There are two ways for clients to upgrade their status:

  1. Escalate turnover volume
  2. Deposit significant equity

We take whichever is the higher of the two and allocate your profile to the appropriate tier. Take a look at the table below for a clearer view of the programme’s structure.

Tier Equity Commission* Traded volume
Tier 1 ≥ $250 000 $15 ≥ $100 million
Tier 2 ≥ $100 000 $20 ≥ $50 million
Tier 3 ≥ $50 000 $25 ≥ $25 million
Tier 4 ≥ $10 000 $30 ≥ $10 million
Tier 5 < $10 000 $35 < $10 million
*per USD $1,000,000 traded volume

All figures are quoted in USD

If you are currently only using a Classic account, but you’d like to enrol on our Pips+ programme, all you need to do is go into your Backoffice and open a Pro account on either of our MetaTrader programs. You will be automatically enrolled.



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