Expiration rules

We offer expiring CFDs based on the front-month futures price of WTICrude and BrentCrud.

At market close on expiration day for WTICrude / BrentCrud:

  • Open trades will be closed, and any floating profit/loss will be realised;
  • Pending orders will be cancelled.

The following trading day, WTICrude / BrentCrud will open with the next month’s futures contract as price reference. You can then re-establish any positions.

To avoid having your trades affected, consider closing them before expiration, or trading our non-expiring oil CFDs: WTISpot, BrentSpot.

Ticker in MT4 Description Expiration
.BrentCrud Brent Crude Oil 2021/Sep/29
.WTICrude WTI Light Crude Oil 2021/Oct/19

* Expiration Rules may be changed in the future, including the upcoming expiration schedule. Please always refer to our website for up-to-date information.