Share CFDs

Share CFDs

Each day, the rollover amounts per lot are shown in the Contract Specifications’ window.
Share positions that are open at the close of business on Friday will incur a 3-day rollover.

A dividend paying Share CFD

Dividends are applied the day before the ex-dividend date shown in the Dividend Calendar.

An ex-dividend date of 3rd March would mean that all positions held at the end of 2nd March would be subject to a dividend adjustment. If you want to avoid the payment of dividends, we recommend that you close your position before the adjustment is applied.

Other corporate actions on Share CFDs

Excluding dividends, FXChoice does not allow open Share CFD positions through a corporate action date. So, any open Share CFD positions that would be affected by a corporate action will be closed 1 hour before the market closes, two days prior to the date.

Restrictions on ‘Short Sales’ for Share CFD transactions

Due to restrictions implemented by the institutions FXChoice operates with, some shares may be restricted to be ‘sold short’.

Short sale restrictions do not impede the closing of a position. However, it does stop the opening of new short sale positions. FXChoice may not proactively contact clients on positions that may have short sale restrictions.

You may see the error message ‘Trade is Disabled’ on the MetaTrader terminal, but this should not be considered an official communication from FXChoice of a short sell restriction.

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