Why choose us?

  • We believe that we serve our partners and investors best by focusing on serving our clients. Therefore, we strive to provide excellent service and customer support, as well as putting in place a maximum security policy regarding our clients’ funds.
  • We place a lot of emphasis on business ethics and creating real value for both our clients and our partners
  • Our team is committed to helping you in the best way possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance

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Trading conditions

Trading conditions

What are your trading hours and rollover times?

We are open 24/5 , Sunday 00 00 server time (GMT+2 or during summer time GMT +3) to Friday 00 00 server time (GMT+2 or during summer time GMT +3).Please note that our client support department is also available from Sunday 00 00 server time (GMT+2 or during summer time GMT +3) to Friday 00 00 server time (GMT+2 or during summer time GMT +3). Rollover occurs daily at 00 00 server time.

Can I lose more money than I deposit with you?

Using a lot of leverage has an inherent risk of losing more money than was initially deposited into a trading account. This can result in a negative balance, but fear not, we are not going to send collections agencies after you or engage in any legal actions to recover our money. We operate with a no debit balance guarantee. What this means is that if your losses become too large, we will automatically close some or all your open positions at the best available price, before your account would become negative. This safeguard mechanism may not always work as intended and under extraordinary circumstances your account balance may actually slip into a negative territory and should this happen, we will simply zero out your account balance. In other words you can never owe us money, if your account balance turns negative.

Trading at market open/close and leaving positions open over the weekend.

Please be aware that in the minutes approaching/following the opening/closing of the market for the underlying instrument, you may experience gaps in market prices. Due to the volatility expressed during these time periods, trading at the open or at the close or leaving positions open over the weekend, can involve additional risk and must be factored into any trading decision. These time periods are specifically mentioned because they are associated with the lowest levels of market liquidity and can be followed by significant movements in prices for both the spread bet, and the underlying instrument.
There is a substantial risk that stop-loss orders, left to protect open positions held overnight, may be executed at levels significantly worse than their specified price.

Am I limited to a specific number of trades?

In a word, no. While we have no limit on how many trades you can open per day, there is a limit on the number of positions that you can run at any one time. You can simultaneously open up to 300 positions on your demo or live account. We feel that is more than enough for an individual trader.