A 5-tier system
of progressive benefits

All of our clients are automatically enrolled in the Pips+ Loyalty Programme, whether you’re trading with a Classic or Pro account.

Loyalty Programme

How does it work?

The aim is to move to the top of the programme (to Tier 1). You can do this by investing greater equity or trading a higher volume. However, there is a slight difference on how that works depending on your trading account: Classic Account The higher you climb, the more rebate you receive. The rebate works like a spread refund. Pro Account The higher you climb, the lower the commission you pay.
Tier Requirements On previous 30 days Rebate (Classic Variable acc.) Commission (Pro & Pro Hedged acc.)
1 USD 250k equity, or USD 100M traded USD 20 USD 15
2 USD 100k equity, or USD 50M traded USD 15 USD 20
3 USD 50k equity, or USD 25M traded USD 10 USD 25
4 USD 10k equity, or USD 10M traded USD 5 USD 30
5 Default USD 35
* Rebate & commission quoted per USD 1M

We provide a 14-day safety net to stop you falling back during that period, but you can still climb to the next tier (T&Cs apply)

Why choose Pips+

  • Rebate up to USD 20

    Per USD 1M traded on MT4 Classic accounts
  • ECN fee reduced
    to just USD 15

    Per USD 1M traded on MT4/5 Pro accounts
  • Works automatically with
    all live accounts

    Including Money Manager accounts

Advantages of trading with us

Competitive & Transparent Trading Conditions

Competent & Friendly 24/5 live support

Reliable Trading Environment

Flexible Leverage up to 1:200

Maximum fund security

Various deposits and withdrawal options

Any questions? Visit our Help Centre

Any questions? Visit our Help Centre

Our team is committed to helping you in the best way possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.