Terms & Conditions

The object of our Predict & Earn contest is to predict the closing price of the specified currency pair at Friday’s close.

  1. The contest is for persons aged 18 or over.
  2. Participants may enter the competition on our official Facebook pages, FXChoice and FXChoice Spanish. Please note that the contest is in no way the responsibility of Facebook. Participants must enter their first name, surname, email address and their prediction for the specified currency pair that is the focus of that week’s competition.
  3. Participants can only vote using the name and surname that matches their passport details.
  4. Participants are asked to enter their prediction for the specified currency pair in digits, not in words.
  5. The contest takes place on Friday evening. Participants can vote from 00:00 on Monday to 12:00 on Friday (Server Time*).
  6. The weekly prize fund of 1500 USD is broken down as follows:
    • Monday pot – 500 USD. 1st place 250 USD, 2nd place 150 USD and 3rd place 100 USD.
    • Tuesday pot – 400 USD. 1st place 200 USD, 2nd place 120 USD and 3rd place 80 USD.
    • Wednesday pot – 300 USD. 1st place 150 USD, 2nd place 90 USD and 3rd place 60 USD.
    • Thursday pot – 200 USD. 1st place 100 USD, 2nd place 60 USD and 3rd place 40 USD.
    • Friday pot – 100 USD. 1st place 50 USD, 2nd place 30 USD and 3rd place 20 USD.
  7. Each week, there will be five winners, five runners-up and five third-places; one of each for each day. If a participant votes on Monday, he is entered into the pot for that day. This will be the only time he can vote that week, so he will need to wait until the following week to vote again. All votes are monitored on server time.
  8. The prize fund is larger earlier in the week as it is more difficult to predict the closing price. That is why we have a tiered prize payout. Participants voting on Friday can be more accurate about the closing price later that day, so there is a correspondingly lower payout. It is much more difficult to predict the price on Monday, for example.
  9. Winners will be announced on Monday at 17:00 server time* on our Facebook pages.
  10. The winner of each day is the participant who names the closest value to the week’s Bid closing price of the specified currency pair on our Classic live trading server.
  11. After the announcement of the winner, we will contact you on the e-mail or phone number specified during voting.
  12. The prize money will be credited to the winner’s trading account, provided the account is verified.
  13. If the account is unverified, the winner must verify it to receive the prize. This can be done quickly and easily in the Backoffice.
  14. If the winner does not have an account with our company, he must open an account and go through the verification procedure to obtain his winnings.
  15. The funds received can be directly withdrawn by any method available for your country, or the funds may indeed be used for trading on our platforms.
  16. FXChoice reserves the right to withhold winnings, if the participant violates the contest rules, the policies of FXChoice or the Client agreement**.
  17. FXChoice (with the legal name FX Choice Limited) is a personal data controller, registered as an International Business Corporation with reg. No. 105,968, with the registered address: Corner Hutson & Eyre Street, Blake Building, Suite 302, Belize City, Belize. FXChoice is authorised and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize – the regulatory authority of Belize. Further information about FXChoice is available at www.myfxchoice.com and in the Data Protection Notice, published on the website.
  18. By accepting the current terms and participating in the contest, participants allow and agree FXChoice to receive and process the submitted personal data. Providing the name, surname, email address and phone number to participate in the contest is voluntary but is a prerequisite for participating in the contest. Participants’ personal data will be processed, stored and kept for participating in the contest and for marketing purposes, such as sending promotional offers. Most personal data is not processed longer than is necessary for the contest, but email addresses may be used after the end of the contest for marketing purposes, such as sending promotional offers. Participants can withdraw their consent by one of the following methods: email to info@myfxchoice.com or by using the Live Chat service on the FXChoice website, or by any other method stated in the Data Protection Notice. Participants’ data will stay confidential according to the Privacy Policy, and Data Protection Notice, which are published on our website. Participants are obliged to read them.
  19. By participating in the current contest in any form, this will be considered that the Participants have read and accepted the current terms and conditions, the Data Protection Notice of FXChoice and have provided their consent for personal data processing regarding point 18 from above.

* Server time is GMT +3
**For registered customers

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