Ethereum is a decentralised platform with multiple capabilities, receiving international recognition from technology giants like Microsoft and Intel. The platform was created by Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buderin in 2015. Payments processed on the Ethereum platform use the Ether coin (ETH). In addition to payments, Ethereum also has the capability to process ‘smart contracts’, which execute predefined contract parameters without being manipulated or corrupted, guaranteeing execution.

Why trade ETH with FXChoice?

  • It’s tax-free

    You never own the underlying asset, so you do not pay tax.

  • Has increased volatility

    Crypto trading generates a huge amount of short-term speculation, driving ample opportunity for traders to make a profit.

  • Leverage

    Trading ETH with leverage gives you the upper hand and ability to speculate on a significantly larger volume than the invested amount.

  • Enhanced security and regulation

    The crypto world is full of uncertainty. But with FXChoice, a fully licensed and regulated broker, we offer superior security that you can rely on when trading.

  • Ability to go long or short

    Holding ETH can only generate a profit if its price increases, but trading ETH allows traders to bet on the price falling as well as increasing.

  • Auto-trading and technical indicators

    Simply holding ETH and hoping the price goes up may be one way to make a profit. With us, you can trade ETH with trading robots round-the-clock, or use technical indicators to guide your trading strategy.

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How to trade ETHC

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